About ISIM

The purpose of the ISIM is to promote scientific knowledge and unity in Internal Medicine, to further the education of young internists and to encourage friendship between physicians from all over the world.

At a time when Internal Medicine is threatened by increasing sub-specialization, ISIM tries to strengthen its position as an eminent integrating part of global health sciences.

The main activity of ISIM is the organization of the Biannual International Congress of Internal Medicine.

The last congresses took place in Manila 1996, Lima 1998, Cancun 2000, Kyoto 2002, Granada 2004, Taipei 2006, Buenos Aires 2008, Melbourne 2010, Santiago de Chile 2012, Seoul 2014 and Bali 2016. Future congresses will be held in Cape Town, South Africa (2018), Cancun, Mexico (2020), and Moscow, Russian Federation (2022).

The International Congresses of Internal Medicine always were outstanding events with a large attendance from the whole world. Especially when located in countries not privileged with easy international scientific exchange the congresses give a very welcome opportunity to see and hear leading experts from all over the world.