1° Congreso Ibero-Panamericano de Medicina Interna

1° Congreso Internacional Ibero-Panamericano de Medicina Interna. XXII Congreso Nacional de Medicina 2014, VI Jornada Internacional de residentes de Medicina Interna

This congress was organized by the “Sociedad Argentina de Medicina” as part of their scientific activity during the year, and was held at the Catholic University premises at Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires, Argentina on November 4-7, 2014.

ISIM participation consisted in the presentation of three lectures on common topics in everyday practice in ambulatory as in hospital patients. The presentation was chaired and moderated by Dr. Rodolfo Bado, ISIM Past President (Argentina) and the lecturers were representatives from societies members of ISIM: Dr. Lineth Lopez, Sociedad de Medicina Interna de Panama; Dr. Andres Aizman Sociedad Medica de Santiago, Chile and Dr. Carlos Nitsch Asociación de Medicina Interna de Guatemala.

This event gathered young doctors and residents from Latinamerican countries and Spain, with a participation of 6000 assistants, with speakers from Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Chile, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay and Venezuela.

As part of the annual activity on lectures and congresses, ISIM was present again in Argentina strengthening bonds of friendship and scientific relations with Latinamerican medical societies committed to practice continued medical education.

​From left to right:
Dr. Andres Aizman (Sociedad Medica de Santiago, Chile)
Lineth Lopez (Sociedad Panameña de Medicina Interna, Panama)
Dr. Rodolfo Bado ISIM
Dr. Carlos Nitsch (Asociación de Medicina Interna de Guatemala, Guatemala)
​and Dr. Diego Brosio (Sociedad Argentina de Medicina, Argentina)