2nd Prague European Days of Internal Medicine, December 2016

Hotel Diplomat, Prague, Czech Republic

I recently had the opportunity to attend the above mentioned conference organised by Prof. Richard Ceska of the Czech Society of Internal Medicine and under the chairmanship of Prof. Jiri Widimsky jr as head of the scientific committee. The topics included updates and discussions on cardiometabolic issues as well as diabetes. New studies were discussed as well as interesting topics around cardiovascular risk and how we can mitigate against this.

Running concurrently with the main session were oral presentations or free communications on similar topics with new research by junior doctors from the European region. There were also lectures to junior doctors and young internists on various topics across the spectrum of Internal Medicine by leaders in the field from the European region.

The meeting was attended by almost 150 delegates which ensured lively discussion and debates and really served to secure successful communication and excellent academic input. It is a meeting well worth attending. Prof Ceska also expressed his vision to collaborate with the ISIM in the future to ensure ongoing support of general physicians and young physicians in the field of Internal Medicine.

​Dr. Adri Kok

Dr. Adri Kok (right); Dr. Valentin Kokorin, Scientific Secretary, Russian Scientific Medical Society of Internal Medicine; and a hospitalist colleagues from Chicago.