Primer Congreso Panamericano de Medicina Interna, Nov 2014

Report on the Primer Congreso Panamericano de Medicina Interna. XXXVII Congreso Nacional de Medicina Interna. Colegio de Medicina Interna de México. Acapulco, México, November 2014.

From November 12th to 15th the National and Panamerican Congress of Internal Medicine organized by the Mexican College of Internal Medicine took place at Acapulco, Mexico.

Initially the meeting was to be held at Los Cabos, but in the previous month a hurricane devastated the airport and the venue forcing the Executive Committee to move the congress to Acapulco.

Additionally, some political instability and rising violence in the same state added awareness in foreign offices that issued alerts not to travel to Mexico.

From the eight thousand attendees expected initially, nearly 2500 attend the meeting. The development was impeccable, and all the scientific program was completed.

The ISIM was represented by Dr. Rodolfo Bado (Argentina), Dr. John Kolbe (New Zealand) and Dr. Klas Sjöberg (Sweden), lecturing on the opening ceremony conference and later on topics of their expertise.

The venue was an impressive convention centre filled with enthusiastic young doctors who had the opportunity to learn from experts from the faculty of the CMIM and also from different invited institutions like ACP (American College of Physicians), ISIM (International Society of Internal Medicine), SOLAMI (Latin American Society of Internal Medicine), Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic, who were represented by international speakers. We were cordially received by the President of CMIM Dr. Alejandro Cárdenas. We enjoyed our stay in the beautiful city of Acapulco and had the opportunity to socialize with representatives of major medical institutions and with the audience. We were invited also to the stage at the closing ceremony where the announcement of "WCIM2020, Cancun" was made by the new Executive Committee presided by Dr. Rodolfo Cano Jiménez for the period 2015-2016.

On the right Dr. Alejandro Cardenas (President CMIM), on the left Dr. Carlos Lenin Pliego Reyes (Secretary CMIM), and Dr. Rodolfo Bado, ISIM President, John Kolbe, ISIM-EC member.

ISIM representatives: Dr. Rodolfo Bado, Dr. Klas  Sjöberg, Dr. John Kolbe.

​Dr. Kolbe and Dr. Sjöberg lecturing at the opening ceremony conference and  later on topics of their expertise.