Dear Colleagues

During these turbulent times, our usual definition of normality has had to adjust significantly.
‚ÄčThe events in Europe have been scary as it balanced on a conflict possibly extending beyond the borders of Ukraine and all that would imply. The tremendous human suffering and loss of life have presented such a humanitarian challenge to our colleagues, not only in Ukraine but also surrounding countries who were trying their best to assist.

As a result of this war the WCIM which would have been held in Moscow, Russia in October 2022 has had to be cancelled. We had a meeting with our colleagues from the Russian Society. We understand the very difficult position they face They agreed with the decision to cancel the Moscow meeting.

We were unable to hold the 2020 meeting in Mexico due to the peak of the Covid pandemic in many countries and therefore the Executive Committee of ISIM was very keen that a WCIM be held. The Dominican Republic Society had previously submitted a proposal to host the world congress.  They have a very good track record of mounting successful meetings have all the facilities required to host this event.

After consultation with the ISIM Executive, it was decided that the WCIM will then be held in the Dominican Republic in Punta Cana under the leadership of Dr Claudia Arias. The meeting will be held from 5-9th February 2023. The slight delay was s to allow sufficient time to organise this event and to take advantage of the glorious weather of the Dominican Republic in February. We thank dr. Arias and her colleagues for their willingness to take on the responsibility for this event and we believe it will be a great success.

During the meeting which will mainly be a face to face meeting but also provide hybrid attendance, the ISIM will hold the general assembly meeting will select new members of the executive committee. The president-elect, Prof. John Kolbe, will take over as president. The Organising Committee for the WCIM 2024 congress in Prague will provide an update. Bids for the 2026 congress will be reviewed and the site for WCIM 2026 will be selected.

We look forward to seeing you in the Dominican Republic and trust we will be able to continue the work of ISIM to provide ongoing academic excellence to physicians around the world.

Yours sincerely

Dr Adri Kok