28th International Congress of Internal Medicine in Taipei, Taiwan

The 28th International Congress of Internal Medicine was an outstanding event! Prof. Yuan-Teh Lee, the president of the 28th WCIM, and his numerous collaborators prepared a meeting covering all aspects of modern internal medicine. The congress took place at the International Convention Centre in Taipei, which offered all technical facilities to run a successful medical meeting of this size. The convention centre is very close to the famous 101 tower, the highest building in the world. The congress was attended by thousands of participants from all over the world. The high quality of the program was very much appreciated.

Taiwan is a very beautiful country! The main island of Taiwan, is therefore also known as Formosa (from the Portuguese Ilha Formosa, meaning "beautiful island")! Fascinating culture, breathtaking scenery, delicious cuisines, and friendly people made Taiwan and Taipei an ideal destination for the 28th International Congress of Internal Medicine. Many temples and traditional-style houses are scattered throughout Taipei. Longshan Temple is the city's oldest and most famous temple, and the Lin Family Garden is the island's finest example of classical Chinese landscaping and architecture.

Highlights of the program were the following special lectures:

Hypertension: are we ignoring a very important public health problem?

Emerging infections in the 21st century

European consensus statement on stroke

Challenges for health and healthcare

The management of bleeding disorders

New advances in acute coronary syndrome

Hepatitis A to E revisited 2006

Aldosteron receptor blockade in cardiovascular therapy

Progressive renal failure – can it be prevented?

Prevention of human type 1 diabetes

Diagnosis and treatment of pulmonary embolism

Strategies for successful aging

In addition to these special lectures many excellent symposia were also very much appreciated by the participants.

We wish to thank Prof. Yuan-Teh Lee and his organizing committee again for the excellent job they did!

Hans P. Kohler, Secretary General, ISIM