Espacio Riesco Convention Centre, Santiago, Chile

The Chilean Society of Internal Medicine, the Santiago Medical Society, and the International Society of Internal Medicine (ISIM) were very pleased to host the World Congress of Internal Medicine 2012 in Santiago de Chile. The congress took place at the «Espacio Riesco Convention Centre» in Santiago de Chile. The 31st International Congress of Internal Medicine was an outstanding event. With a view to highlighting the event’s scientific integration role and its holistic vision of mankind, the organizers had chosen the following motto: «Internal Medicine, art and science in the third millennium».

The opening session was attended by the President of Chile. The National Minister for Health, himself an physician, gave an very inspiring report about the health problems of the miners who were trapped underground in northern Chile some time ago.

Dr. Félix Muñoz Cantó, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the XXXI Internal Medicine World Congress, and his numerous collaborators within the organisation committee, prepared a meeting covering all aspects of Internal Medicine. The congress was attended by over 3000 participants from all over the world. The high quality of the program was very much appreciated. The program offered a superb opportunity for physicians and medical specialists to attend expert updates on specialty areas outside their own specialty. In addition to that, the congress reflected excellence in Chilean Medicine and Medical Science. The congress covered over 30 topics in General Internal Medicine and its subspecialities. Poster presentations were an important part of the Scientific Program and an invaluable opportunity for exchange of ideas and update on new research. The participants took the opportunity to network with their national as well as international colleagues. Fortunately, many participants had some spare time to enjoy pre- or post-conference tours to enjoy this wonderful country.

In the name of the International Society of Internal Medicine I would like to thank the Organizing Committee again for the hard work!

Hans P. Kohler, MD, FACP
Secretary General
International Society of Internal Medicine


Report on the Meeting of the General Assembly of ISIM held on November 14, 2012, at 1.00 p.m., Hall H, Level 2/West, Espacio Riesco Convention Center, Av. El Salto 5000, Huechuraba, Santiago de Chile.

President: Dr. William Hall, USA

Argentina: Dr. R. Bado, Dr. R. Reussi, Dr. J. Mercado, Dr. M.A. Falasco
Australia: Dr. N. Thomson, Dr. G. Metz, Dr. L. Bolitho
Bolivia: Dr. Marco A Zeballos
Chile: Dr. F. Munoz, Dr. G. Acuna
Japan: Dr. Y. Ikeda
Indonesia: Dr. S. Nasution, Dr. A. Sudoyo, Dr. B. Setyohadi
Korea: Dr. In Sung Song, Dr. Moon-Kyn Lee, Dr. Moon-Jae Kim
Mexico: Dr. Ernesto Alćantar Luna, Dr. M. Calderon, Dr. M. Best


Netherlands: Dr. H. van Hulsteijn
Paraguay: Dr. María Cristina Jiménez, Dr. Laura Flores, Dr. Jorge Von Horoch
Poland: Dr. E. Kucharz, Dr. A. Kotulska
Russian Federation: Dr. A. Spassky, Dr. V.A. Kokorin, Dr. A.I. Martynov
South Africa: Dr. Adri Kok
Switzerland: Mr. H. Pluess, Dr. H.P Kohler
Ukraine: Dr. V. Netiazhenko
USA: Dr. W. Hall
Venezuela: Dr. José Antonio Parejo

At this meeting the following items were approved:

The Report of the President

The Financial Report of the Treasurer

The Report of the Secretary General

The General Assembly decided on the next ISIM World Congress as follows:
34th International Congress of Internal Medicine 2018: Cape Town, South Africa

The following officers of ISIM were approved: Dr. Rodolfo Bado, President; Dr. William Hall, Past President; Dr. Yasuo Ikeda, President-Elect

As new members-at-large were approved: Dr. John Kolbe, New Zealand; Dr Klas Sjöberg, Sweden

The General Assembly was then informed that Dr. Napier Thomson, Australia, has been nominated as «Honorary Member». Dr. Thomson was the President of ISIM from 2008 to 2010, Past-President from 2010 to 2012. The EC is deeply grateful for his hard work on behalf of ISIM.

December, 2012

Hans P. Kohler, MD, FACP
Secretary General ISIM