The 33th World Congress of Internal Medicine (WCIM) was designed to promote scientific knowledge and medical advancement in the field of Internal Medicine and its specialities. The scientific lectures were presented and moderated by national and international leaders in the field. This world congress was an outstanding event. The convention center was ideally located to the conveniences of all participants. The Organizing Committee, and its numerous collaborators within the organization committee prepared a meeting covering all aspects of Internal Medicine. The high quality of the program was very much appreciated.
      We know that Cape Town is a beautiful gateway to South Africa.  Fortunately, many participants had some days left to incorporate a pre- or post-conference tour in this beautiful country.  The participants took the opportunity to network with their national and international colleagues. We trust you could take that positive vibe back to your country to spread the friendship and collegiate bonds further. The World Congress of Internal Medicine is always a very special event, a «coming together» of physicians from all over the world. It is also a milestone in regard to Internal Medicine, or in other words…, «Internal Medicine goes global».
      In the name of the International Society of Internal Medicine I would like to thank the Organizing Committee again for the hard work!

Dr. H.P. Kohler, MACP, Professor of Medicine, Secretary General, ISIM

Minutes from the “General Assembly of ISIM”

WCIM 2018 - Video Highlights

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