ISIM was well represented at this meeting with attendance by Adri Kok, Virginia Hood , Hans-Peter Kohler and John Kolbe. New Executive members, Lorenzo Diaz  Salazar and Sally Aman Nasution were also in attendance representing their respective Societies. The meeting was suberbly organized;  the smooth running  reflecting the experience of ACP in running such meetings as well as their attention to detail.

ISIM representatives were made to feel welcome by ACP office bearers and staff. Importantly the meeting provided a excellent opportunity to make and renew contact with individuals representing the ISIM member Societies. The fact that so many countries were present underlined the importance of this meeting for ISIM in terms of maintaining contact with member Societies between WCIMs.

Executive members participated in the Convocation although in a number of different roles. The topic of the International Forum was “Profits vs. Patients: The global threat of rising drug prices”. It was great to see six members of the ISIM Executive “around the table” and contributing to the discussion. John Kolbe was a member of the four person panel that commented on the questions posed by the Moderator Dr Isaac Opole, Regent, ACP Board of Regents. Clearly all countries are grappling with this problem, many different approaches have been taken but unfortunately no universally applicable solution has been found.

Drs Kok, Hood , Kohler and Kolbe met with representatives of ACP. They were able to reassure ACP that after the disruptions caused by Covid and the war in Ukraine, that the ISIM was “ back on track”, that hosts for WCIMs in 2026 and 2028 were in place, that three new members of the Executive had been appointed and that plans were well under way for the resumption of post-graduate courses. The discussion focused on how ISIM and ACP could work collaboratively for the benefit of member Societies.

The ACP Meeting is a very important one for ISIM and it is essential that our Society is well represented at future meetings.