The 36th annual meeting of the Taiwan Society of Internal Medicine (TSIM) was held in Taipei on 2nd and 3rd , December, 2023. The academic presentations took place at the International Convention Center, part of the (enormous) National Taiwan University Hospital complex. There were approximately 8000 attendees which represents a large proportion of TSIM members

The current President of TSIM is Professor Shan-Chwen Chang, who is also a member of the ISIM Executive Committee. ISIM was recognized by co-badging and was represented by the President, Professor John Kolbe, who delivered a keynote speech.

The meeting was superbly organised and presentations were of a very high standard. The audience comprised all specialties within internal medicine, but a striking feature was their youth. Another feature of the meeting was that posters by “trainees” and mostly in the form of case reports were prominently displayed outside the presentation rooms.