In October 2010, the Secretary General, Hans-Peter Kohler and the President of ISIM, Prof. William Hall, have met officials from the Chinese Society of Internal Medicine (CSIM) and the Chinese Medical Association (CMA) in Beijing, China. Both ISIM officers also gave invited lectures at Beijing Union Medical Hospital.

The honorable CSIM became a member of ISIM in 2008.

The meeting had several purposes. First of all, the input of China is very important, and the development of medical sciences in China is very fast. It’s crucial for ISIM to have China as an active member allowing a regliar exchange in scientific knowledge, developments in health care, health care reforms and especially in regard to the health problems a country with a popliation of 1.3 billions will face in the future (obesity, diabetes etc.). Further to that many other topics has been discussed such as the future role of Internal Medicine, fields of common interests, future collaborations including the organization of postgraduate courses in China and joint meetings (CSIM/ISIM) at the biannual congresses of CSIM in China («international sessions»).


  • Prof. Ti Shen, President CSIM, Dept. of Internal Medicine, Beijing Union Medical Hospital (PUMCH)
  • Prof. Ming-hui Zhao, Vice Pres. CSIM, Chief of Renal Physician, Beijing University First Hospital
  • Prof. Zeng Xiaofeng, Rheumatologist, Secretary General CSIM, Beijing, PUMCH
  • Liu Zhi, Director International Relations, CMA
  • Prof. Bill Hall, President, ISIM
  • Prof. Hans-Peter Kohler, Secretary General ISIM
  • Dr. Wei Wang, Switzerland


The picture below shows both delegations. The picture was taken at a conference room at Beijing Union Hospital (PUMCH).

From the left to the right: Prof. Ming-hui Zhao (Vice President CSIM), Prof. Zeng Xiaofeng (Secretary General CSIM), Prof. H.P.Kohler, Prof. Bill Hall, Prof. Ti Shen (President CSIM), Mr. Liu Zhi (Director International Relation, CMA), Dr. Wei Wang