Report to ISIM: Pakistan Society of Internal Medicine 2024 Meeting.

The 2024 Meeting of the Pakistan Society of Internal Medicine(PSIM) was held in Islamabad on 26 – 28 April, 2024. Although this was the 5th annual meeting of PSIM, it was the first annual meeting since PSIM became a member of ISIM. The theme of the meeting of the meeting was evidence based medicine and patient-centered care. While the meeting consisted mainly of lectures delivered by local and overseas speakers, other formats including “meet the expert” sessions and  symposia were employed to great success. The topics were broad and included  a session entitled “the Global Leaders Programme”. There was a high proportion of younger physicians present and trainees and new physicians competed for research awards.

Although a relatively young Society, PSIM is very active with talented, committed and enthusiastic members. They are engaged in a wide variety of activities including a peer-reviewed journal, annual scientific meetings, the development of variety of educational resources for trainees.