The XXIV Centroamerican and the Caribbean Congress of Internal Medicine, organised by the Asociación de Medicina Interna de Centro América y el Caribe (AMICAC) and the Asociación de Medicina Interna de Guatemala (ASOMIGUA) was held on Antigua, Guatemala from February 26th to 28th, 2014. President of the Congress was Dr. Carlos Nitsch Montiel.

Dr. Rodolfo Bado was invited as speaker and highly regarded as ISIM President, lecturing on "Pulmonary Embolism", "Heart Failure", "Management of periperative anticoagulation", "Venous thromboembolism: Prevention" and the Opening Ceremony Lecture "Sustainability and Medicine".

This event primarily gathered internists from Guatemala and the nine member countries of AMICAC with the participation of SOLAMI associated countries that contributed to increase the assistance to nearly 1500 participants. The Scientific Programm covered a wide spectrum of internal medicine topics and gathered representatives of nearly all South America and Central America. Among the speakers where Dra. María Cristina Jiménez (Paraguay) President Sociedad Latinoamericana de Medicina Interna (SOLAMI); Dr. José Luis Akaki (Mexico), Secretary General SOLAMI; Dra. Claudia  Arias (Dominican Republic) President Sociedad Dominicana de Medicina Interna and Secretary Elect AMICAC and  President of the next Centroamerican and Caribbean Congress to be held at Punta Cana Dominican Republic on May 2015. Dr. Eric Ulloa, (Panama) President Sociedad de Medicina Interna de Panama; Dr. Ramón Zelaya (Nicaragua) President Sociedad de Medicina Interna de Nicaragua; Dr. Manuel Rojas (Costa Rica) President Sociedad de Medicina Interna de Costa Rica; Dr. Pedro Arriaga (Belize) President Sociedad de Medcina Interna de Belize; Dr. Carlos Salvatierra (Guatemala) President Asociación de Medicina Interna de Guatemala; Dra. Magdy Canales (Honduras) President Sociedad de Medicina Interna de Honduras; Dr. Ángel Díaz (El Salvador) President Sociedad de Medicina Interna de El Salvador; and Dr. Emilio Buchaca (Cuba) President Sociedad Cubana de Medicina Interna; as well as representatives from the American College of Physicians and Mayo Clinic.

Dr. Carlos Nitsch, Congress President; Dr. Rodolfo Bado ISIM President 

Presidents of Caribbean Societies members of AMICAC