I was privileged to attend the 23rd International Congress and Scientific Seminar organized by Bangladesh Society of Medicine. It was held on 1 - 3 March 2024, in Dhaka, a city with a population of 24 million. There were about 2000 delegates, a large proportion being trainees and younger physicians. The first day was devoted to trainees.  A variety of interactive techniques were used and these were enthusiastically embraced by participants. While there were plenary sessions by Bangladeshi and international speakers, sessions on medical specialties were mostly given by local speakers. There were ample opportunities for trainees to present their research projects orally and by poster. There were several “Multiple Small Feeds of the Mind”; short, focussed presentations with a clear single message. An interesting and innovative session entitled “Unsung Young heroes of Medicine” recognised and celebrated the achievements in a number of areas, including community service and research, of young physicians.  Another session focussed on under-graduate medical education and included feed-back on the curriculum and teaching by medical students.

The meeting was superbly organised, and members of the Bangladesh Society of Medicine were generous and charming hosts.

In Bangladesh there are 37 public medical colleges, 6 armed forces colleges and 68 private colleges producing medical graduates. To their great credit, the Bangladesh Society of Medicine are engaged in improving the quality and standardisation of under-graduate and post-graduate, medical education.