Krakow MIRCIM 2023 – the 8th McMaster International Review Course in Internal Medicine (“The State of the Art in Internal Medicine”) was held in Kraków, 11 – 13 May. ISIM was represented by Drs Adri Kok and John Kolbe. MIRCIM is a joint educational initiative of McMaster University’s Department of Medicine and the Polish Institute for Evidence Based Medicine. It is organized in collaboration with the European Federation of Internal Medicine, International Society of Internal Medicine and Jagiellonian University Medical College, in partnership with numerous national societies of internal medicine. Both EFIM and ISIM had sessions at the meeting. ISIM representatives were also involved in other parts of the meeting; judging the clinical case presentations, delivering lectures, participation in panel discussions and chairing sessions. The meeting was a hybrid one with many more attending virtually than were present in Krakow. The first day of the meeting was held at the Jagiellonian University Medical College, established in 1367, and the majority of the program was Clinical Cases in Internal medicine: Learning through Practice. The case presentations by trainees were of a very high standard. For the next two days, the meeting was held in the ICE Krakow Congress Centre, a very modern, stylish and well appointed venue. The programme consisted of updates on a variety of internal medicine subjects with lectures being given predominantly by faculty from McMaster University and Polish academics but with representatives of a number of other countries. Most sessions consisted of four 20 minute presentations followed by a “panel session” when the speakers answered questions posted on line. In addition the speakers also recorded their answers to further questions posed by the organisers. At a brief but moving ceremony before a Chopin recital, Dr Adri Kok was awarded honorary membership of the Polish Society of Internal Medicine. This meeting was of very high standard, superbly organised and characterised by the friendliness and collegiality of all of those taking part.

- Prof John Kolbe, President ISIM